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Towel hooks are available for use in both kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen towel hooks include hanging hooks which can be fitted over a cabinet door, avoiding the use of screws or nails to fix to the wall. Bathroom towel hooks are normally finished in bright or brushed chrome, or in brass finish. They may be of traditional or contemporary design. An alternative to the towel hook is the towel bar. These are most usually used in bathrooms, and may be in chrome or brass finish. Towel bars also may be of traditional or contemporary design.




The leading suppliers, described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials.


Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop. Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop was established in 1906 and is one of America's oldest suppliers of cooks' wares. Its website has a section covering Towel Hooks for the kitchen. the range of hooks includes: Self-adhesive 3-Towel Grip; Magnetic Stainless Swivel Hook; and Magnetic Stainless Double Hook. Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop also offers a CookHook towel holder and a Hanging Dish Towel Holder. The CookHook towel holder clips onto and slides along a hanging rail; a towel can be passed through a ring below the hook. The Hanging Dish Towel Holder is made of nickel plated steel; the towel corner is placed in the shell shaped holder which is secured by squeezing and lowering a locking bar. Other items in Fante's enormous product range of cooks' ware range from Aspic Cutters, Baking Shells, Barware, Blenders, Bread Machines, to Wine Utensils, Wood Bowls, Wood Spoons, and Zesters. is an online retailer of cabinet and door hardware, including towel hooks. It describes itself as the planet's largest collection of decorative hardware. This admits the possibility that there may be a larger one on Mars. The website carries more than 5,000 items of hardware. The section of the website on hooks contains more than 700 items, including numerous hooks for towels. Examples include the Illustra Single Robe Hook in Satin Nickel, the Kelsie Double Robe Hook in Polished Chrome, the Concorde Double Robe Hook in Antique Pewter, and the Coat Hook with Porcelain Knob. The bathroom section also covers: Towel Rings, Tissue Holders, Shelves, Grab Bars, Shower Baskets, Light Fixtures, Soap Dispensers, Tooth Brush Holders, and Soap Dishes. Most items ship within 3 to 4 working days. Shipping cost is $7.95 per manufacturer, regardless of size of order.


Storables. Storables, based in Portland, Oregon, is an online retailer of storage items, including towel hooks and other storage items for bathrooms and kitchens. It offers a wide range of hooks, including over-cabinet hooks, over-cabinet towel clips, over-cabinet double hooks, and over-cabinet towel bars. These are available in aluminium and stainless steel. Seven types of adhesive hook are offered, in brushed nickel or white finish. These hold on strongly, but are claimed to come off cleanly with no surface damage. Storables offers 18 wall-mounted hooks. These are horizontal bars holding between four and six hooks, made from combinations of wood and metal. Other sections of the Storables website cover: Audio, Baskets & Bins, Bath, Closet, Custom Closet, Furniture, Kinds, Kitchen, Laundry, Novelty, Office, Shelving, Travel, and Utility.


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