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Track lighting systems consist of tracks fixed to, or hung from, the ceiling to which lighting heads can be attached. Track lighting provides practical flexibility as to the future positioning of lamps; it can also produce a striking and decorative effect.


Track lighting is available in two main forms: line voltage and low voltage. The low voltage systems require a transformer. The advantage of a low voltage system is that it can use smaller compact bulbs; these can be just as bright as line voltage bulbs. It is generally wise to space lighting heads at least one foot apart. Line voltage systems usually have a limit of around 1900 watts for a single run. Low voltage systems usually have a limit of around 300 watts for a single run. The lamp heads fitted to track lighting can be spot lights, pendant lights, or fluorescent lights. LED lamps are also available, providing reduced energy consumption. 




The following leading track light and lighting suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of track lights and lighting, including online catalogs, designs, colors and materials for track lights and lighting.


USA Light & Electric. USA Light & Electric is a leading online retailer of lighting fittings, including track lighting. The website includes sections on the following categories of track lighting: Low Voltage Track Lighting, Line Voltage Track Lighting, Fittings Connectors & Track, Extended Track Lighting Fixtures, Flourescent Wall Wash Track Lighting, Griplock Track Lighting Systems, Pendant Track Lighting, Trade Show Track Lighting, and Track Lighting Parts. the website includes advisory articles. Topics include the number of lights that can be put on a track, and how low voltage track lighting works.


Lighting Direct. Lighting Direct, a member of the Improvement Direct network of online stores, specialises in the online retailing of lighting fixtures including track lighting. The section of the Lighting Direct website on track lighting covers the following categories: Track Lighting Kits, Track Heads, Track Lighting Pendants, Socket Sets, Track Lighting Connectors, Track & Rail, Power Feeds, Remote Transformers, Track Flourescents, Standoff Track Lighting Heads, and Track Lighting Accessories. There is also a Track Lighting Guide with articles on buying a track system, designing your layout, track fixture tips, installation tips, and powering methods.


Bruck Lighting Systems. Bruck Lighting Systems is a manufacturer of track lighting systems based in Tustin, California. Its product range includes Light Emitting Diode (LED) track lighting systems. Sections of the Bruck Lighting website cover: Canopies & Adaptors, Single Circuit Lighting Track, Dual Circuit Lighting Track, Field Bendable Lighting Track, Single Circuit Cable Systems, LED Lighting Track, and LED Lighting Track Fixtures. Other sections cover power supplies and lamps for track lighting. A section on Planning Tools covers: System Basics, System Troubleshooter, and System Design Guides.



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