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Venetian Plaster is a veneer plaster finish. By contrast, faux finishing such as scumbles, rag rolling and washes were developed to fake or imitate Venetian plaster. Venetian Plasters may be lime based or acrylic based. They will usually contain marble dust, to provide durability and finish. The time between coats varies considerably with products and temperature. Lime products require that the final coat be applied over a dampened surface that has absorbed the moisture. All Venetian plasters require burnishing with a stainless steel trowel while they are still damp - otherwise they don't polish.


Some lower quality plasters have a different procedure and require sanding and wax; these are not truly Venetian but are properly described as faux finishes. 




The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials.


Behr. Behr, of Santa Ana, California, is a leading manufacturer of architectural paints and decorative finishes, including Venetian Plaster. Behr was founded in 1946 by Otto Behr, selling linseed oil to paint stores from the back of his woody station wagon. Behr [laster is a heavy-bodied, water-based product that can be burnished to create a marble-like appearance. It is applied in two coats to a smooth surface, using a trowel. Four hours should elapse between coats. After the second coat has dried for 24 hours it can be polished using 400 or 600 grit sandpaper. Other faux and decorative finishes supplied by Behr include Faux Glaze and Bellagio Faux. Faux Glaze enables the user to create a smooth leather finish by applying one or more colored glazes over a new or existing base color - provided that the existing base color is in good condition. Bellagio Faux, inspired by traditional European faux finsihes, gives a washed look.


Firenze Enterprises. Firenze Enterprises, of Miami, Florida, is an importer of fine Venetian Plaster. Its product range covers: Lime Based Plaster, Lime Paint, Decorative Finishes, Primers & Sealers for Plaster, Color Washes, Tints & Colorants, and Application Tools for Plaster. Other sections cover: Instructional DVDs, Seminars, and Technical Data & Specifications. Firenze Marmorino Plaster contains 42% marble, creating a natural shine as soon as the product is compressed. It is supplied as a white paste, which can be tinted as required. The decorative finishes supplied by Firenze Enterprises include: Antiche Patine, Deco Flakes, Tusania Velatura, Dune, and Tuscania Antica. Antiche Patine produces transparent chromatic shades of plaster, characteristic of Renaissance craft traditions.

TexSton. TexSton, of Canoga Park, California, is a leading manufacturer of Venetian Plasters and Old World Stuccos. Its product range covers: Plasters, Topcoats, Colorants, Colorwash, Glazes, Limepaint, and Tools. Three types of Venetian Plaster are offered: Lime Plaster, Cement Plaster, and Artisan Plaster. The Marmorino Lime Plaster contains marble dust and slake lime. It provides a highly durable finish to plaster, gypsum, and cement. It has high breathing capacity and is resistant to moisture, making it suitable for bathrooms. The TexSton Veneciano range of plasters are applied in thin translucent patches to produce a rich visual finish with the illusion of depth and substance. They are based on aged, slaked lime combined with finely ground marble dust.


Veneshe. Veneshe, based in Easton, Pennsylvania, was set up by Lori Blomstom, an experienced Italian plaster artisan who undertook training in both Italy and the USA. The company specialises in the application of decorative plaster finishes for homeowners and for interior decorators. Veneshe installs plaster in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York and throughout the USA by special arrangement. In addition to its plaster contractor services, Veneshe offers plaster training for applicators and homeowners. These range from an intense one-day introduction, to advanced training in Italy. The Veneshe website contains a video illustrating applications. 


Venetian Plastering Inc. Venetian Plastering Inc is owned by Doyle Self, and is based in McKinney, Texas. It imports a wide range of Venetian Plasters, including those manufactured by Safra of Verona, Italy. Venetian Plastering Inc is able to help the user through all stages of the process. The first step is to choose between over 30 different plasters. These offer a variety of shiny and matt finishes, with or without wax topcoats. Some finishes are specially recommended for surfaces, such as kitchen walls, which are exposed to heavy wear. A section on Frequently Asked Questions covers topics such as room preparation and cleaning.




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