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Vertical wind turbines perform the same function, generating electricity, as a conventional wind turbine with a horizontal shaft. Vertical wind turbines have two advantages compared with a conventional wind turbine: they are quieter, and they can accept gusts of wind from any direction without having to move to face the wind. By contrast a conventional wind turbine has constantly to shift its direction so that it is facing into the wind.


These two features make vertical wind turbines particularly suitable for urban applications, where noise and vibration are likely to be important considerations and where wind direction tends to shift unpredictably. However they are likely to be less efficient than a conventional wind turbine for large scale installations in places enjoying strong and steady wind.


Vertical wind turbines tend to be relatively small and slim with height of around ten or fifteen metres, and horizontal diameter of between one and three metres.




The following leading vertical wind turbine manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of vertical wind turbines, including online catalogs, designs and materials for vertical wind turbines, and care and maintenance of vertical wind turbines.


Quietrevolution: Vertical Wind Turbines. Quietrevolution, based in London, UK, manufactures an elegant vertical wind turbine with curved blades. Their standard product is five metres high and three metres in diameter. The curved helical shape of the blades is designed to minimise noise and vibration. The blades, spars and torque tube are made of robust carbon fibre, and all moving parts are sealed. The direct drive in-line generator has auto-shutdown and peak power tracking, and is incorporated into the mast. With just one moving part, maintenance can be limited to a single annual inspection.


Cleanfield Energy: Vertical Wind Turbines. Cleanfield Energy, based in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, manufactures vertical wind turbines for residential and commercial use. Its standard vertical wind turbine is composed of three blades, six arms that connect the blades to the shaft, and a centre post which connects the arms and the generator. The generator is a low-speed direct-connected permanent magnet synchronous generator. Power electronics include an inverter, controller and diversion load system. The inverter can be configured to accept additional energy sources, such as solar energy.  


Mariah Power: Vertical Wind Turbines. Mariah Power, based in Reno, Nevada, manufactures the Windspire vertical wind turbine. The slim design is 30 feet tall and two feet in radius. It is designed for quiet operation, and comes complete with a high efficiency generator, integrated inverter, hinged monopole, and wireless performance monitor. Windspire are supplied finished in a corrosion-resistant soft silver paint that can be re-painted in any color. At 30 feet, it is below typical residential and urban zoning restrictions. Several Windspires can be placed in artistic arrays to create a form of kinetic art.



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