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Vinyl Fencing is an economical and practical alternative to wooden or iron fencing. It is available in heights of between three and six feet. There is a very wide range of slatted, picket, trellis, and privacy designs for vinyl fencing. The privacy designs provide complete privacy, with the pickets locking into each other using tongue and groove. Slatted designs are semi-private, blocking direct views but allowing air to pass between the slats. The most popular color for vinyl fencing is white. Vinyl fencing is also available in tan and gray.


Dark colors are not recommended for vinyl fences, as the surface is likely to deteriorate as a result of absorbing sunlight. Vinyl Fences are virtually maintenance free. No painting, staining or sanding is required.




There are four main considerations: the height, the design, the construction, and the color.




Vinyl fences are available in heights of between three feet and six feet. Choose your fence on practical grounds as well as appearance. If in doubt, we would advise keeping a fence low; it will be less intrusive, will be cheaper, and will be less likely to suffer wind damage.




Numerous styles are available, with some suppliers offering as many as 50 designs. These include picket styles, privacy styles, ornamental styles, post and rail styles, and split rail styles. All picket styles have separated uprights, with air space between them, and two or three horizontal rails. There are several choices, including those which alternative long and short uprights, and those which have a concave top profile - achieved by varying the heights of the uprights. Privacy fencing, which is normally six feet high, is made up of continuous vertical slats, so that there is no air flow or view through the fence. The top may be horizontal or curved, and the fence may be surmounted with an open trellis. Because of its height and their wind resistance privacy vinyl fences need to be well secured with strong posts firmly concreted into the ground.


Types of construction


On construction, the main choices are whether to use virgin or recycled vinyl, and the size and thickness of the upright posts. Although recycled vinyl sounds attractive on environmental grounds, we would advise against using it for fencing. Fencing takes a lot of weather and wear and tear; unfortunately recycled vinyl is liable to sag prematurely, become brittle in cold climates, and fade and warp. We recommend that you choose a professional grade vinyl fence, as supplied to fencing contractors; this will be made from virgin vinyl/PVC, and will also contain UV inhibitors to help reduce ultraviolet sun damage. We also recommend that you use 4 inch square posts, with 5 inch square posts for taller fences, privacy fences, and gate posts. Gate posts should be filled with an aluminum or steel post insert, or with cement.




The most popular color, particularly for low picket fencing, is white. But white can be very obtrusive on a six foot high privacy fence. In those cases, we would suggest you consider a muted color, such as Clay, Brown, Sierra, Ivory, or Almond. Such colors are soft and muted, and will make the fence less obvious. They also have the advantage that they do not show dirt and scuff marks.




The following leading vinyl fencing manufacturers, selected by Abacus Construction Index, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and installation, care and maintenance.


Anchor Fence. Anchor Fence is a long established supplier of all types of fence, including vinyl fencing, based in Redford, Michigan. It is a family owned and operated business, which was established in 1892. Its product range covers wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum and steel fences. It also supplies a comprehensive range of accessories, including post caps, picket caps, hinges, latches, decorative accents, and drop rods. Anchor Fence offers a lifetime warranty on parts and labour for all fencing installations. Anchor Fence produces its fencing using a CNC machine in its own workshop. This enables it to offer, in addition to the numerous styles shown on its website, any other design which the customer prefers. Fencing is available in standard White and Almond colors. Three further colors are available on special order: White Variegated, Almond Variegated, and Khaki.


CertainTeed. CertainTeed, headquartered in Valley Forge, Pennsylania, manufactures a wide range of building products including vinyl fencing. CertainTeed manufactures four ranges: Bufftech, Selects, EverNew, and Panorama Composite Railing Systems. Bufftech Fencing is available in four styles: Privacy Fence, Traditional Picket Fence, Classic Picket Fence, and Semi-Private Slatted Fences. The Bufftech Privacy Fence uses a texturing process that gives a realistic wood-like surface. It is available in the following colors: Clay, White, and Autumn Brown. Other fencing from CertainTeed is available in a wider range of colors, including Natural Clay and Sierra Blend. The CertainTeed website contains a 'ColorView' feature. This enables you to choose from 15 stock images of different types of home, and then choose colors for roofing, siding, trim, fencing, railings, and decking. Your chosen combination is then displayed as an image. 


Lifetime. Lifetime Vinyl Fencing, based in San Jose, California, is a wholesaler specialising the supply of vinyl fencing to Homeowners' Associations, Common Interest Developments, and Developers. The website is organized into the following main sections: Fence Designs, Gates, Post Caps, Why Vinyl, Vinyl Quality, Frequently Asked Questions, Installation, Quick Quote, Specifications, and Testimonials. Fencing is supplied in White, Tan and Gray. Dark colors are not supplied since they absorb sunshine and deteriorate. There is an associated website at for homeowners. This offers over 300 choices of vinyl fence, privacy fence, aluminum fencing, horse fencing, railings, gazebos, pergolas and arbors. The vinyl fencing section covers: Vinyl Picket Fencing, Vinyl Pool Fencing, Vinyl Privacy Fences, Vinyl Semi-Private Fences, Gates and Post Caps.


The Vinyl Outlet. The Vinyl Outlet, based in Buffalo, New York, specialises in the supply and installation of vinyl fencing of all kinds. It is a family business, run by Scott Innes who has spent more than twenty years in the fence and railing industry. He has visited large fencing and railing contractors around the USA to understand and minimize the problems associated with vinyl railing products. These include the fact that vinyl expands and contracts; this requires installation methods which can accommodate movement. The Vinyl Outlet website covers fencing, decking, railings, and porches. The white fencing is fabricated to hold its color, without rotting, peeling, yellowing or warping. It uses a full routed snap-together design with an aluminum structural reinforcement along the bottom of the fencing panel. The website contains a set of articles, including an article on Composite Decking Facts and Figures.


USA Vinyl Fence Company. The USA Vinyl Fence Company, which is based in Hilliard, Ohio, is a leading vinyl fencing manufacturer. The product range includes: Vinyl Horse Fence, Privacy Vinyl Fence, Semi Privacy Vinyl Fence, Pool Vinyl Fence, Vinyl Picket Fence, Vinyl Railing, and Post Caps. The company also supplies vinyl Arbors, Trellises, Pergolas, and Mailbox Posts. The Privacy Vinyl Fences are made with strong tongue and groove pickets that lock together, providing security and complete privacy. Aluminum reinforcement is provided to the bottom rail. All fencing is supplied in White or Tan. The USA Vinyl Fence Company website contains a section on estimating the cost of your fencing. This takes account not just of the linear footage of the property, but also of the numbers of corner posts, end posts, and gates that are needed.




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