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Wallpaper is available either unpasted or pre-pasted. Pre-pasted wallpaper, which requires application of water to activate the paste, is easier for inexperienced paperers. Many wallpaper are now made of vinyl or vinyl-coated. This gives a durable, washable surface. Specialist wall coverings include: Metallic Foils & Mylaors, Textured Grasscloth Wall Coverings, Flocked Wall Coverings, Embossed Wallpaper, and Paintable Wall Coverings. 


Wallpaper may be removed using steam or a chemical wallpaper stripper. In both cases it is advisable to perforate the wallpaper beforehand, using a Paper Tiger. This is a tool which looks like a puck with a wheel of sharp teeth. These create small holes in the wallpaper, but leave the drywall undamaged. 




The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance.


York. Since 1895 York Wallcoverings has been manufacturing wallpaper and other coverings at its factory at York, Pennsylvania, in the picturesque Susquehanna Valley. Its historic designs draw on an archive collection dating back to the early 18th Century. The York website enables the user to search its wallpaper product range by Color, Style, Theme, Keyword, or Pattern Number. Products are also linked to type of room, including Kitchen/Dining Rooms, Bath/Laundry Rooms, Living Rooms, Kids Rooms, All Around the House, and Accents & Murals.


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