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Window shutters may be external or internal. External window shutters may be either fixed (for purely decorative purposes) or hinged to enable them to be closed. External Hurricane Shutters provide security and protection against extreme weather. External window shutters may be made from fiberglass, PVC, composite, vinyl, timber, aluminum or steel. In each case they are available in a wide range of colours. Internal window shutters, also known as plantation shutters are normally louvered to provide privacy and security while allowing some transmission of light and air.





The following window shutter manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of window shutters, including online catalogs of window shutters, styles and materials for window shutters, and care and maintenance of window shutters.

Custom Shutter Company: Window Shutters. Custom Shutter Company is a leading supplier of custom house shutters built from all types of material. It offers exterior house shutters built from Fiberglass, PVC, Composite or Vinyl. Choices also include Redwood, Cypress, Mahogany, Red Cedar or Pine. It also offers Hurricane Shutters built from Fiberglass, PVC or Aluminum. Window shutters may be supplied which are functional or are purely decorative. Shutter Hardware is available in stainless steel, cast aluminum, cast iron and wrought steel. The Custom Shutter Company also offer Coronado Acrylic Block Shutters made from a solid cellular synthetic foam with a hardened finish that is dent resistant.

The Custom Shutter Company website includes a section on How to Measure for window shutters. There is also a section on Frequently Asked Questions; topics include the painting of window shutters, and restoration of exterior wood window shutters.

Kestrel Window Shutters. Kestrel, based in Stowe, Pennsylvania, has been manufacturing interior and exterior window shutters and doors since 1989. Their wood shutters, interior doors, and folding screen room dividers are made to order in the factory in Stowe. They are hand made from hardwood, including Spanish Cedar and Mahogany. The Window Shutters are joined with deep pocket mortise and tenon joints, which are pegged for greater durability. Kestrel does not take stock sizes of window shutters and cut them down to fit: all window shutters are custom sized to fit the customer's windows.


Options for window shutters include custom thickness and wood species, panel cutouts and frame layouts. Product categories in the Kestrel website include: Exterior Shutters, Interior Shutters, Closet Doors, Louvered Doors, Board & Batten Shutters, Folding Screens, Plantation Shutters, Bifold Doors and Sliding Closet Doors.


Vixen Hill: Window Shutters. Vixen Hill, based in Elverson, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of cedar products, including cedar exterior window shutters. Vixen Hill began making real wooden shutters in 1980, becuase they were becoming so hard to find. Fiberglass and colored plastic shutters had dominated the shutter industry during the building booms of the 1960s and 1970s. Vixen Hill cedar window shutters are constructed from Western Red Cedar, using traditional pegged mortise and tenon joints. They are designed to last a lifetime.


Traditional window shutter hardware is fabricated in Vixen Hill's own workshops. The range of window shutter hardware includes: Pintels, Shutter Dogs, Hinges, Slide Bolts, Pull Rings, and Tie Backs. Vixen Hill advises that shutters should be fixed an inch clear of the wall to allow for air circulation and to provide a more authentic look. 

Decorative Window Shutters. Decorative Shutters is a specialist online retailing website published by the AGI Group. It provides a source of supply for all types of decorative shutters. The Decorative Shutters website contains sections on aluminum shutters, composite shutters, fiberglass shutters, vinyl shutters, wood shutters, operable louver shutters and hurricane shutters. There are also sections on price comparisons and warranties for window shutters.

Horizon Window Shutters. Horizon is a leading manufacturer of window shutters. The Horizon website contains sections on traditional style window shutters, plantation style window shutters, construction, finishes, prices, measuring, installation of window shutters, ordering, warranties and delivery. Horizon Shutters began in 1979 as The Shutter Shop in Springfield, Missouri. Over the last 20 years Horizon Window Shutters has sold and installed interior window shutters for thousands of homes and commercial buildings in the Midwest. Window Shutters. is based in Gold River, California. It is a leading retailer of exterior vinyl window shutters from suppliers including Alcoa and Mid America. Its product range includes: Louver Shutters, Panel Shutters, Joined Board & Batten Shutters, Spaced Board & Batten Shutters, and Standard Sized Shutters. The website includes a Shutter Glossary, and sections on How To Measure Window Shutters and How To Install Window Shutters.   


Shutterland Window Shutters. Shutterland is a leading manufacturer of wood window shutters. The Shutterland website has sections on interior and exterior wood window shutters, and on hardware. ShutterLand interior shutter panels are made from solid Northern Basswood. Shutters are sold as individual unfinished movable louver panels in two styles - Traditional and Plantation. Traditional Shutters have narrow 1.25 inch movable louvers; Plantation Shutters have wide 3 inch movable louvers.


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