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The following window tinting manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of window tinting, including online catalogs of window tinting, technologies for window tinting, and care and cleaning of window tinting.


3M Window Tinting. 3M is a leading manufacturer of window tinting film. The section of the 3M website dealing with window film contains sections on residential, commercial, automotive and government. There are sections for new window film products, window film product catalogue, technical library and frequently asked questions about window film. There is also a database of dealers where 3M window film can be bought. 3M films cut ultraviolet light by 99 percent, and can also reduce energy consumption in winter in that they can reflect up to 35% of indoor heat back to the interior.




Gila Window Tinting. Gila is a leading manufacturer of window tinting film. The Gila website includes sections on residential window film, automotive window tint, window film for recretational vehicles, and picture framing. Since 1978 GILAŽ has provided film products designed for the do-it-yourself consumer. Incorporating the technologies of CPFilms Inc., GILA has created a family of products that aim to be easy-to-apply, durable and an affordable alternative to professional installation. GILA is a division of CPFilms Inc,. the world's largest manufacturer of solar control films. CPFilms is headquartered in Martinsville, VA and is a business unit of St. Louis-based Solutia Inc. 


Llumar Window Tinting. Llumar is a leading manufacturer of window tinting film. The Lumar website has sections on automotive films, architectural films, security films and decorative films. There is also a graphic showing how window film is constructed. Llumar window film is the world's largest selling range of window film. It is supplied in both reflective and non-reflective versions, and can be clear or can be provided with colors and patterns. Depending on specification, Llumar film can cut out up to 93% of incoming light, and 99% of ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is particularly harmful to finishes and textiles.


Click here for a listing at 4specs of manufacturers of window tinting and other window and glass films.


We recommend the following professional construction directories, which include standard specifications, manufacturers' specs, and CAD details: 4Specs at, Arcat at, Arcom at, Reed at, Sweets at


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