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Wine refrigerators are specifically designed for the storage of wine and other beverages. The simplest wine refrigerators have a single refrigerator compartment, with a glass front door, and use normal refrigerator technology. They may be designed to hold wine alone, canned beverages alone, or a combination of both.


For those who wish to store both red and white wine, dual zone wine refrigerators are available. These have two compartments, with independent temperature control, for red and white wine.


Thermoelectric wine refrigerators have several advantages over conventional refrigerators with compressor cooling systems. They are more compact, are silent, do not impose any vibration on the wine, and don't release any ozone-depleting chemicals. This technology is most applicable to smaller wine refrigerators.






The following leading wine refrigerator manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of wine refrigerators, including online catalogs and specifications for wine refrigerators, and care and maintenance of wine refrigerators. Wine Refrigerators. is an online retailer specializing exclusively in wine refrigerators. It is part of the Netshops network of online stores, based in Omaha, Nebraska. The website is organized into the following sections: Free Standing Wine Coolers, Built-in Wine Coolers, Countertop Wine Coolers, Window Door Wine Cellars, Sold Door Wine Cellars, and Cooling Systems. The capacity of these wine refrigerators ranges from 6 bottles to 166 bottles. The website contains informative articles, including: Wine Cabinet Buying Guide, and Wine Refrigeration, Why is it Important? Wine Refrigerators. is a member of the CSN network of online stores, based in Bost, which specializes in wine refrigerators. Its product range covers: Free Standing Wine Refrigerators, Built-in Wine Refrigerators, Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators, Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerators, Kegerators, Wine Racks, Wine Cabinets, Wine Callar Racks, and Stemware. Dual zone wine refrigerators had two separate zones, which individually controlled temperature, for red and white wine. Capacity ranges up to 500 bottles.


General Electric: Wine Refrigerators. General Electric is a leading US manufacturer of refrigerators. Its website gives details of its refrigerators, in the following categories: Side-by-Side Refrigerators, Top-Freezer Refrigerators, Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators, Compact Refrigerators, and Wine Reserves & Beverage Centers. General Electric offers five models of wine refrigerator, with capacity ranging from 2.6 cubic feet to 5.5 cubic feet. All have tinted glass fronts and stainless steel finish. Full extension wine racks slide out and have beechwood fronts.



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