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There are three main types of wood fencing: Privacy Wood Fencing, Semi-Private Wood Fencing, and Post & Rail Wood Fencing. Privacy Wood Fencing provides a solid fence, producing privacy and maximum, security. Wood fencing may be formed as a Stockade, as Board on Batten, or as Vertical Board. Semi-Private Wood Fencing is usually formed by placing vertical planks on alternate sides of the horizontal rails, so that there is no direct view, but light and air can penetrate at an angle. Semi-Private Wood Fencing may also have lattice as its top section, providing a softer edge.  


Post & Rail wood fence is a traditional open design consisting only of uprights and horizontal rails. For a traditional appearance, the horizontal rails may be natural split, providing a rustic look.




When choosing a wood fence, there are two main considerations: the functional purpose and the appearance. The three most common purposes for wood fences are: to contain animals, to provide security, and to provide visual screening.


Functional purposes


For horse paddocks, PVC plastic fencing is often used instead of wood fences. This special PVC plastic horse fencing is designed to yield and spring back gently, thus avoiding risk of injury to the horse. Wooden horse fencing runs the risk of injuring the horse if the fencing becomes broken. Please see our product guide on Horse Fencing. For cattle and sheep, post and rail fencing is widely used; in the case of sheep it is wise to have wire netting over the lower part of the fence. To provide security against human intruders, a wood fence needs to be at least six feet high, fully boarded, with its smooth side on the outside. Such fences will provide some deterrence to the casual intruder, but can be relatively easily climbed over by intruders. Visual screening can e provided by fully boarded wood fencing, or by bamboo fencing, in which vertical bamboo rods are woven into a continuous mat with horizontal wires. Please see our product guide on Bamboo Fencing.


Options for appearance


In terms of appearance, the most traditional type of wooden fencing is post and rail, with upright posts and either or two or three horizontal rails. The rails may be nailed to the posts, or can be slotted into them using a mortise and tenon joint. Normally the posts and rails for wooden fencing are made from sawn wood, with a square section for the posts and a rectangular section for the rails. Alternatively the rails may be made from split rather than sawn wood, giving a rustic and historic look. Common woods used for post and rail fencing include western red cedar, northern white cedar, and pressure-treated pine.


Boarded fences are used in built up areas, rather than in open land or fields. There may be gaps between the uprights, giving the look of a picket fence. Or the uprights may overlap, giving complete privacy. Some suppliers offer fancy tops to their fences, including concave and convex curves, and decorative wavy tops. We would advise against these; we think it is much better to keep wood fencing simple and unobtrusive. The eye should be drawn to the house, and to trees and flowers, not to the fencing.



The following leading manufacturers, selected by Abacus Construction Index, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance.


Academy Fence Company. Academy Fence Company, based in Orange, New Jersey, is a family owned and operated business, which has been established for 40 years. It supplies Wood Fencing, also Vinyl Fencing, Chain Link Fence, and Aluminium Fence. It offers: Lattice Top Fencing, Diamond Top Fencing, Tongue & Groove Fencing, and Stockade Fencing. It also supplies Cedar Wood Post Caps, in flat, pyramid, and ball top designs. All Academy wood fences are manufactured from white cedar. This requires to chemical treatment, and weathers to a silvery gray. In addition to wooden fencing, Academy Fence Company supplies Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Fence, Portable Privacy Lattice Screening, Portable Temporary Construction Fences, Security Razor Wire, Deer Fencing, Portable Dog Run Kennels, Aluminum and Vinyl Railings, and Silt Fences for erosion control.


Anchor Fence. Anchor Fence is a leading supplier of all types of fence, including wood fencing, based in Redford, Michigan. It is a family owned and operated business, which was established in 1892. Its product range covers wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum and steel fences. It also supplies a comprehensive range of accessories, including post caps, picket caps, hinges, latches, decorative accents, and drop rods. Anchor Fence wood fences are built from premium western red cedar, northern white cedar, or pressure treated pine. Custom wood fences are mostly built as a privacy fence. Semi-private and shadowbox styles are also available. An alternative type of wood fence is the split rail fence. This is particularly suitable for defining the border of a large piece of land. Matching gates are available for all types of fencing.


Long Fence. Long Fence, based in Capitol Heights, Maryland, is a family business that has been operating for more than 50 years. It also has operations in Washington DC, Chantilly Virginia, Charlotte North Carolina, Frederick Maryland, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and Atlanta Georgia. The Long Fence website is divided into two main sections: Residential and Commercial.  Long Fence supplies three types of Wood Privacy Fencing: Stockade, Board on Batten, and Vertical Board. It also supplies five types of Semi-Private and Traditional Fencing: Wyngate, Spaced Picket, Estate, Split Rail, and Paddock Fencing. In addition, Long Fence supplies Chain Link Fencing, Vinyl Fencing, Composite Fencing, Ornamental Iron Fencing, and Privacy Fencing. Beyond fencing, Long Fence supplies: Gazebos, Railings, Patios & Pavers, Landscape Lighting, Sunrooms, Conservatories, and Awnings.


Universal Forest Products. Universal Forest Products, which is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, employs 10,000 people and is the leading USA producer of pressure-treated wood and engineered roof systems. It is a leading supplier of wood fencing. It offers four main product ranges: Spaced Picket Fencing, Privacy Fencing, Semi-Privacy Fencing, and Post & Rail Fencing. Picket Fencing is available with rounded pointed and Gothic picket tops. Semi-Privacy fencing is available as Shadowbox slats, or with Lattice Top. In addition Universal Forest Products supplies: Structural Lumber Products, Engineered Wood Components, Packaging Components, Wood Composite Decking, Plastic Lattice, Trellises, Arches, Framing Products, and Forming Products for concrete construction.




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