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Wood siding is the traditional way of cladding timber frame houses. Despite the advent of cement fiber and vinyl siding, wood siding continues to be widely used. It provides a more authentic look and feel, when compared to synthetic materials. Various profiles for wood siding are available, which may be applied vertically or horizontally. Profiles include overlapping clapboard, and board & batten. Board & batten uses wide vertical boards, with the joints being covered by narrower vertical boards.


Wood shingles are also available as an alternative wall cladding. The best quality siding is quartersawn, rather than flat sawn. Quartersawn lumber has the grain running at right angles to the face of the board; this reduces the risk of shrinkage and 'cupping' or curvature of the board.  Siding may be supplied pre-primed, pre-stained, or pre-painted. This has the advantage that the paint or stain is applied, under factory conditions, to all six faces of each board.



Granville. Granville Manufacturing Company is based in Granville, Vermont. It has been in continuous operation as a family business since 1857. It supplies spruce and pine quartersawn clapboards. Quartersawn lumber produces a 'vertical grain' where the annual gorwth rings are at right angles to the face of the board. This produces much less shrinkage and distortion than cheaper flat sawn lumber. Granville offers pre-staining and priming services, with 15 year factory finish warranty. In addition to wood siding, Granville supplies trim boards, flooring, shakes, and shingles. 


Cape Cod. Cape Cod Wood Sidings Inc is based in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a leading North American manufacturer of finished wood siding. It supplies siding in the following main profiles: 6 inch rabbeted bevel; 1 inch by 8 inch board & batten; 1 inch by 6 inch cove; 1 inch by 6 inch V joint; and 1 inch by 6 inch clapboard. Cape Cod Siding can be installed vertically or horizontally; color matched inside and outside corners, skirt boards, window and door trim, crown boards, and color-matched nails are available. Any customer's color can be matched.


Boston Cedar. Boston Cedar, headquartered in Holbrook, Massachusetts, has distributed cedar siding and other wood products since 1985. Its Bevel in a Box cedar siding product is made from clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar. It has precision fitted finger joints, which are stronger and resist weather better than the surrounding wood. Boston Cedar Bevel in a Box cedar siding has primer paint applied in the factory on all six sides. Boston Cedar also supplies traditional clapboard cedar siding. Sizes 1/2 inch by 6 inch, with the siding available in 16 foot lengths.


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