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Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are gasoline powered ride-on lawn mowers which can turn sharply, even within their own length. This is achieved by turning the rear wheels at different speeds, in the manner of a tracked military vehicle. To turn on the spot, each rear wheel is turned in a different direction. Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are considerably more expensive than normal ride-on lawn mowers, but have the advantage that their maneuverability enables mowing to take place right up to obstacles such as trees. Zero Turn Lawn Mowers were originally developed for commercial use, for speed and productivity.


The driver controls the mower by moving a pair of levers, as in a bulldozer. Some models use a joystick, or handlebars similar to those of a motorcycle. 




The first zero turn walk behind mower was invented by Max B Swisher in 1945. He went on to develop a ride-on version in 1955. His company, Swisher Mower & Machine Company, sold his 'turn on a dime' mowers until 2005. They had three wheels, two at the back and one at the front which could be rotated a full 360 degrees. The first hydraulically operated zero turn mower was developed by John Regier of Moundridge, Kansas, in 1963. He called it the Hustler. Disappointed with lack of demand, he sold his patent and design to Hesston Corporation, which later became Exscel Industries, the parent company of Hustler Turf. One of the first commercially viable zero turn mowers was inTroduced by Grasshopper Motors in 1969.




The common feature of all zero turn mowers is that because they can turn on the spot they can cut very close to obstacles, largely removing the need for a separate trimming operation. Most turn by varying the speed of the wheels using a left and right lever. Some, such as the Husqvarna models, use a steering wheel connected to an axle in the midpoint of the body of the mower.


It requires some skill to operate a zero turn mower, and we strongly advise that before buying one you arrange to have a test run to check that you are happy driving it.




Consider also the various attachments that are available for zero turn mowers. These include bagging systems to collect the grass clippings. Another option is a mulching kit which is fitted to the deck and mulches grass clippings instead of discharging them from a side chute. Adding a rear hitch to the zero turn lawn mower will enable you to tow attachments such as a dump cart, roller, sprayer, spreader, plug aerator, or lawn de-thatcher. Some zero turn mowers can carry front attachments such as a snow blade, snow blower, or brush for clearing snow and debris. 




The following leading zero turn mower manufacturers, selected by Abacus Construction Index, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of zero turn mowers, including online catalogs, designs and specifications, and care and maintenance.


Lawn-Boy. Lawn-Boy, based in Bloomington, Minnesota,  was founded in 1934 by Ole Evinrude who was the engineer responsible for developing the world's first outboard motor. It is a leading manufacturer of gasoline powered walk-behind and ride-on lawn mowers. Its Precision ride-on lawn mower has a two cylinder Honda engine or a premium Kawasaki engine, with three gallon tank capacity, and with a choice of 42 inch or 50 inch cutting width. The zero turn mower has a forward speed of 7 mph, and is fitted with smooth front tires to help reduce turf wear. A 'fuel sight gauge' enables you to check fuel level without opening the fuel cap. The zero turn mower has a unibody heavy duty steel frame, and a hydrostatic drive system enabling the driver to take tight circles around landscape obstacles. Lawn-Boy zero turn mowers are provided with a three year limited warranty.


Snapper. Snapper, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers. It is part of the Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group. It makes a range of five ride-on zero turn mowers. The cheapest model offers a choice of 42 inch or 50 inch cutting width, and features a cast iron front axle, mulch or bag options for the grass cuttings, and height of cut adjustment. The top of the range model has a heavy duty three blade mower deck, with anti-scalp roller for precision cutting without scalping. It also has a wrap-around rear bumper. All Snapper zero turn lawn mowers are designed for the homeowner market. They are intended to be affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Snapper also manufactures walk-behind mowers, lawn and garden tractors, riding mowers, and snowthrowers.


Troy-Bilt. Troy-Bilt, a leading range of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers, is a brand of MTD Consumer Products, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The Troy-Bilt range of hydrostatic Zero Turn Mowers includes a 42 inch and 50 inch model. The 50 inch model has four adjustable and greasable anti-scalp deck wheels, a ground-following solid steel pivoting front axle, and a fully welded steel frame. The Troy-Bilt zero turn mower carries a 2 year limited guarantee. It accepts FastAttach accessories, including mulch kit, rear bagger, and a rear storage rack. I has a 22 horsepower Kohler Courage V-Twin gasoline engine. It is designed to mow 2.5 acres in an hour. Other sections of the Troy-Bilt website cover: Riding Mowers, Walk-Behind Mowers, Tillers & Cultivators, Trimmers & Edgers, Leaf Blowers, Chipper Shredders, Log Splitters, Snow Throwers, and Power Products.




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